September 27, 2023

India will introduce blockchain voting system

India will introduce blockchain voting system

India is working on a transparent blockchain platform through which citizens can support their candidates.

The Electoral Commission of India (CEC) plans to solve the problem of low turnout in the elections with the help of a new blockchain system that will allow voting regardless of the place of residence of citizens of the country.

According to CEC, due to the high rateMore than one third of voters on the day of internal migration are not at the place of registration and cannot vote for the candidate. The blockchain system being developed jointly with the Indian Institute of Technology will allow everyone to vote without reference to their location and without the need for re-registration. Blockchain technology will provide an opportunity to vote from anywhere in the country. CEC plans to launch the system before the next election and, according to the developers, is already close to implementing the idea.

Recall that the Democratic Party of Thailand,became the first major political party in the world to hold primary elections on the blockchain back in 2018. Then South Korea began to test the cloud system for blockchain voting. Utah County tested the Voatz mobile app for voting in municipal elections last August. US presidential candidate in the 2020 election race Andrew Young announced his plans to modernize the voting process using distributed ledger technology.