February 4, 2023

Two scammers admitted stealing 23 BTC under the guise of technical support for HitBTC

Two fraudsters from Canada, posing as technical support for the HitBTC exchange and deceiving a client in the amount of $ 140,000, may be sentenced to two years in prison.

According to the court order of December 16,brothers Jagroop Singh Khatkar and Karanjit Singh Khatkhar pleaded guilty to fraud on Twitter last July.

Introducing HitBTC Exchange Support,the brothers convinced the 63-year-old pensioner to disclose the email address associated with her trading account. After receiving the necessary data, the attackers appropriated 23 BTC (at that time the damage amounted to about $ 140,000).

When testifying, the scammers confirmed thatrealized the illegality of their actions and deliberately used digital identification to steal crypto assets belonging to another person. The stolen funds will be returned to the victim, and the sentencing for the brothers will take place in March next year. However, at the hearing, the victim felt sorry for the accused, expressing the hope that in the future they would be able to “use their mind” for more useful cases.

According to CipherTrace, a research firmThis year, losses from fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency industry amounted to $ 4.4 billion, which significantly exceeds last year's figures. Attackers manage to not only get user data by fraud, but also to crack platform wallets.

In November, hackers stole 342,000 ETH (about $ 49 million) from the South Korean exchange Upbit, and this month the Singapore company VeChain Foundation suffered losses, losing about 1.1 billion VET ($ 6.6 million).