December 2, 2022

TON blockchain launch can be postponed for a year

Due to recent problems with the US regulator, the launch of the Telegram cryptocurrency platform may be delayed for six months or even a year.

About the Forbes Proposed Postponement of Launchtwo TON investors said. According to them, in the inner circle of the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov, discussions are currently being held on new terms for launching the platform.

“Durov’s team is confident that during this time they will be able to resolve all disagreements with the SEC,” one of them wrote.

The final decision will be made after 24October, when the hearing will take place with the participation of Telegram and SEC. The US Securities and Exchange Commission believes that the Gram cryptocurrency is a security and wants to prove it in court. Until this time, the Durov team will not make any statements and will not provide additional information to investors.

SEC demanded to freeze on Friday eveningthe sale of Gram tokens, and also blamed two TON-related offshore companies - Telegram Group Inc. and her "daughter" TON Issuer Inc. - in unregistered sale of tokens.

“We have stated several times that issuers cannotcircumvent federal securities laws by simply calling your product a cryptocurrency or a digital token, ”said SEC spokesman Steven Peikin.

Different media have previously appeared their own versiondevelopment of events. In particular, Forbes wrote that if the court is on the side of the regulator, then Durov can simply return the $ 424.5 million invested by 39 American investors, which is about a quarter of the total investment, and launch the platform.