October 1, 2022

TON project launch threatened

TON project launch threatened

Telegram's plans to release its own cryptocurrency are on the verge of collapse. Recently Commission on valuable The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has received a temporary restraining order, which prohibits companies from distributing and selling Gram tokens in the United States.

According to the statement of the commission, the company attractedabout $ 1.7 billion dollars, illegally selling 2.9 billion Gram 171 tokens to the original buyer. A billion tokens have been sold to buyers from the United States.

According to agency representatives, notBy registering an ICO with the regulator, Telegram violated the Securities Act of 1933. According to former SEC employee Zachary Fallon, a restraining order could adversely affect a company's ability to sell Grams in other countries.

SEC Law Enforcement Director Stephanie Avakyan stated:

The emergency measures we have taken are aimed atpreventing the entry to the market of digital tokens, which we assume were sold illegally. We argue that the defendants did not provide investors with all the necessary information about the company's business operations, its financial condition and the risks associated with ICO, as required by securities law.

In addition, representatives of the commission emphasized that companies will not be able to evade federal laws by simply calling their product digital tokens or cryptocurrency.

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