June 25, 2024

The total number of crypto machines in the world has reached 6,000 devices.

According to CoinATMRadar, the number of operating crypto ATMs worldwide for the first time exceeded 6,000. Of these, threequarters of devices are in the USA and Canada.

According to the latest data, currently inThere are 6,004 crypto machines installed in the world, over 65% of which are located in the United States. In addition, 108 devices were installed this month, and data also shows that on average around 11 new crypto machines are installed daily in the world.

More than three quarters of devices are inNorth America, almost 20% in Europe and only 2% in Asia. There are 3,924 crypto ATMs in the USA, — in Canada. 653, while in the UK and Austria there are 272 and 189 devices respectively.

The total number of crypto machines worldwide has increasedfrom June on about 1,000 devices, indicating a significant growth in the industry. Cryptomats give users the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies, but only 35% of devices allow the reverse exchange of cryptocurrencies for cash.

In July, it became known that the CanadianCoinsquare cryptocurrency platform bought a controlling stake in software maker Just Cash. Then it was reported that this acquisition will allow the company to deploy cryptocurrency transactions in traditional ATMs in the United States.

Chicago cryptocurrency OTC platform in JulyDigitalMint installed crypto machines in 20 Circle K stores as part of a pilot program in the US states of Arizona and Nevada. At the beginning of this year, Coinme and Coinstar also expanded their ability to buy bitcoins for cash in the United States and in the spring established more than 2,000 kiosks for buying BTC for cash.

As industry grows, more and morescammers seeking to use new technologies for their own purposes. Recently, Spanish law enforcement officials uncovered a gang of criminals who used crypto machines to transfer money to drug dealers.