December 2, 2022

Study: in the United States, the number of cryptocurrency owners doubled in 2019

Australian financial company Finder conducted a study according to which the quantity Cryptocurrency Americans doubled in 2019.

As part of the study, 2,068 were interviewed.Americans and it turned out that if last year 7.95% of US citizens owned cryptocurrencies, then in 2019 their number increased to 14.4%. The average amount of their accumulations in cryptocurrencies is $ 5,447, but the median is only $ 360. That is, three quarters of Americans own cryptocurrencies worth less than $ 360.

Moreover, more than half of US citizens whoown cryptocurrencies, store not one, but several different digital currencies at once. In addition, men are much more likely to invest in digital assets - 19% of the men surveyed reported that they invested in cryptocurrencies. Among women, this figure is 10%.

More than half of the respondents (61%) said thatbought cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. About a third of the respondents (29.3%) bought cryptocurrencies to use them for transactions and purchases, and another 25.6% of Americans invested in digital assets in order to keep their savings outside the traditional financial system.

Finder experts noted that mostAmericans are scared away by the difficulty of buying cryptocurrencies. 47.9% of respondents believe that dealing with cryptocurrencies is "too difficult." Almost as many respondents (45%) are simply not interested in cryptocurrencies, and 23% of US citizens consider them too risky for investment.

A recent study by ChinesePANews news agency revealed that 8% of Chinese students own cryptocurrencies and more than 25% would like to work in the blockchain industry after graduation.