July 22, 2024

The Sandbox Maff Metaverse Hackathon May 20-27

The Sandbox Maff Metaverse Hackathon May 20-27

On May 20 – 27, an online hackathon will be held dedicated to the development of art objects in the promising metaverse of The Sandbox,which is included in the TOP 100 most influential companies in the world.

Metaverses – these are new social networks,where all social communication flows. Brands are looking for opportunities to represent themselves in the new digital world. Ability to work with objects in the metaverse – this is a new skill in demand. 

Register for the hackathon to  

  • Gain skills in working with the very perspective of the metaverse 
  • Networking – the opportunity to become part of a community of sought-after specialists working in the metaverse 
  • Monetize your knowledge 
  • Valuable gifts from prize sponsors 

The teams will consist of 3-5 people, the teams should include 3D voxel graphics designers, Game developer and Game designer.

Deadline for registration: May 18.

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