September 25, 2023

Maff Art Fest - Art festival in the Metaverse!

Maff Art Fest - Art festival in the Metaverse!

The future has already arrived. On December 23, at 17:00, an art festival will open in the Decentraland metaverse by Maff Metaverse. You need a laptop or computer and internet.18 teams of creators prepared unique art objects. You can take a virtual trip from anywhere. Attending an exhibition of art objects in the metaverse is a worthy undertaking to implement!

The metauniverses are like different worlds, somewhat similar tocomputer games, the characters of which can freely explore the surrounding space and interact with other players. Why is everyone talking about them? Due to the pandemic, work and study has suddenly moved online and there is a need for an interactive online presence. It is in the metauniverses that experts see the next phase in the development of the Internet.

Maff Metaverse is a Russian teamenthusiasts who provide training for work and development in the metaverse. In November, Maff Metaverse completed the first online hackathon in Russia dedicated to the development of art objects for the Decentraland metaverse (3 days during which programmers and designers in teams worked closely together to create art objects). Metaverse Art Fest is the first art festival in the metaverse organized by a Russian company.

At Maff Art Fest, you can stroll aroundvirtual park and enjoy the creativity of the teams in all their glory. The laws of physics, in the usual sense, do not work in the art park, you are guaranteed an amazing experience! The park has a black hole, a digital temple, a bithitter - a device for creating your own music, an escape room and a museum of time.

How much is?Free for visitors, no special glasses or equipment are needed - only a computer and the Internet. Land in the metaverse Decentraland costs about $ 15,000 for the placement of one art object.

In the metaverse, you can implement a lot of things that in real life may seem impossible. By visiting this festival, more people will learn about the possibilities of the metaverse.

You can sit at home but still be onart festival, you can take your children with you and they will definitely surprise you with their interpretations of what is happening on the screen. Remembering 10 years later how we were at the world's first art festival in the metaverse organized by a Russian company - it's worth it!

It's easy to visit Metaverse Art Fest!

Go to the website and click on the "visit the festival" button.

Prize partners of the festival are Skill Factory, Realtime school, EvoPC, DappCraft.



DATES: December 23 from 17:00 - January 23

TIME: around the clock