June 25, 2024

Relevance of employment in blockchain in 2020”/>

Relevance of employment in blockchain in 2020"/>
Work in the blockchain sphere

Blockchain, one of the most advanced technologies capable of revolutionizingaspects of our daily life. Blockchain has had a major impact on the financial industry and is now moving towards impacting other industries.  

Blockchain technology is becoming one of the mostpopular skills in the IT job market. According to a recent survey, 86 percent of respondents agree that blockchain technology is the most scalable and will eventually achieve widespread adoption. 

There is also a very active growth in the number of countries that are exploring the possibility of introducing cryptocurrency, with more than 140 countries using blockchain technology. 

Blockchain technology application

Due to its ability to store transactional data, blockchain technology is used in various industries.

  • The financial industry, banks and cryptocurrencies have benefited the most from the use of blockchains.
  • The blockchain has now expanded to store and track medical records for healthcare providers.
  • State Records Management also uses blockchain to improve monitoring and documentation.
  • Contractual transactions and agreements can also be verified through negotiations using the Smart Contract blockchain.
  • Supply chain management is also using blockchain to improve tracking of food and materials. 
  • In some countries, blockchain was used inelection time, for registration and storage of votes. If adopted in a wider context, it can eliminate election fraud and fraud, as well as increase efficiency and transparency.

In addition to its versatile capabilities,blockchain technology still has great potential for growth. Many technology giants are looking for candidates with experience in the blockchain. A study by Upwork, the largest network of freelancers in the world, reported that blockchain is one of the 20 most relevant professions.


Recent  research showed that demandBlockchain developers with experience in javascript, C++, python and cryptocurrency have grown significantly in recent years. Every organization needs an experienced developer to help them integrate technology to improve their services.

The most preferred skills that organizations require are: Expert in C++, .NET, MVC, HTML, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, AJAX, SOAP, REST, Agile Scrum, Neutral-network and XCOD. 

It is through the skillful use of blockchain technology that a business can improve the services it offers, both existing and future to customers. 

Content Writing

The demand for blockchain writers is skyrocketing.Writers are used to create overview pages for companies and websites, write blogs, news, and white papers. You don't need to understand every technical aspect of blockchain to be a good content writer, but beginners should have general knowledge and deep research abilities in the field. 

Web Designer

Companies are looking for web designers who can create stunning user interface (UI) designs that will work on both mobile and web applications. 

Crypto community manager

This type of manager plays a very important role inthe success of any crypto project. The main role of the manager is to interact and create awareness among potential customers. For a startup, it would be difficult to succeed without the help of a crypto manager.


With the increasing speed of blockchain integration, manycompanies are looking for engineers who can identify the company's technical needs and create a blockchain application to solve them. To get a job easily, you need to have a high level of skills in Java, Ripple, Hyperleger Fabric, Solidity, Oracle Identity and Database Management. 

Legal Consult

There is enormous uncertainty surroundingwithin the blockchain industry. In this regard, the market needs qualified legal consultants who can offer professional advice on the legal basis for ICO, STO, TGE and other developments. 

Such developments are under constant review and legal review. To become a legal adviser to the organization of the blockchain, you do not need to be a technical specialist.

However, if you have basic knowledge of blockchain and have acquired the appropriate license and degree, you are eligible to work. 

These are the best business and work opportunities inblockchain in 2020. Blockchain will revolutionize business processes in many industries in the future, but its implementation requires a lot of time and effort. By choosing this field of activity, you will not only provide yourself with financial resources, but also take part in the development of one of the most modern, innovative technologies.