June 14, 2024

The popularity of Bitcoin SV in China continues to grow

The popularity of Bitcoin SV in China continues to grow

The popularity of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, created during the implementation of a hard fork in the main Bitcoin network, in countriesThe Far East continues to grow.This is evidenced by the masses of people who attend BSV summits. In particular, Primitive Crypto partner Dovi Wang wrote about this on Twitter, posting a video from the summit held in China.

Crypto Lady is extremely outraged by this behavior of citizens. In her opinion, follow Bitcoin SV – illogical.

In addition, Dovi Van notes that the forkpopular not only in China, but also in such a technologically advanced country as Japan, whose citizen is allegedly the real creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

At the same time, according to Liz Lee of BitcoinAssociation, this attitude of the inhabitants of the Far East to BSV is explained by the culture of the nation. She, along with other Chinese citizens, believes in the potential of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency in the country.

According to her, there are startups in China,supporting BSV, for example, like the WeiBlock social network. This site provides the community with the opportunity to conduct microtransactions in BSV as a reward for uploading content. In addition, Liz believes that BSV development in China is “more active” than in other countries – many university students take part in projects aimed at developing the ecosystem.