December 2, 2023

The number of searches for the word “blockchain” in China has increased thirteen times a day

Number of search queries for the word “blockchain” in China increased thirteen times in a day

Searches for the keyword “blockchain” made a breakthrough in the Chinese search engine Baidu andWeChat messenger, after technology support by Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is reported by TheBlock.
The word "blockchain" was entered 72,049 times inon the Baidu search engine, up 1,382.79% from the previous day, and 3,331,874 times on WeChat, up 329%. The positive momentum continued into the weekend, with volumes up about 170% on WeChat and Baidu on Saturday.
At the same time, keyword search volumesBitcoin has not received the same strong momentum. So, on Friday, the popularity of the request decreased by 5% on both WeChat and Baidu. However, the next day the situation changed and their number increased by 144% on WeChat and 216% on Baidu.
The sudden increase in Chinese interestInternet users' embrace of blockchain and Bitcoin is largely due to President Xi's approval of the technology. At a meeting with Communist Party leaders on Thursday, Xi stressed that China must commit to developing blockchain technology and take a leading position in this field.
Although Chinese government officials had not previouslyone-time commentator on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Xi's mention is likely the loudest public endorsement of blockchain Beijing has ever received.