February 20, 2024

Stockholm to host Blockchain and Bitcoin conference

“Blockchain and Bitcoin” will be held in Stockholm. conference

On September 11, the international company Smile-Expo will hold a cryptocurrency conference“Blockchain and Bitcoin”VStockholm During the event, experts will discuss ways to apply distributed database technology in various business areas.

16 famous people will speak at the conferencecryptocurrency specialists and representatives of 20 blockchain startups. They will present their latest developments and share ideas about the future of the industry. In addition, it is planned to hold two discussions on the topics: “Blockchain in the energy sector” and “Era of new technology: blockchain in different areas”.

Main topics for discussion:

  • Analysis of blockchain application methods in various fields of activity.
  • Regulation of the turnover of digital assets in the world.
  • Blockchain for business.
  • Preparation and conduct of ICO.
  • Blockchain technology in the real estate market, in the healthcare system, logistics and journalism.
  • Smile-Expo organizes eventsdedicated to cryptocurrencies around the world. The high level of organization of the conference and fascinating topics will undoubtedly attract the attention of many guests. If you have the opportunity to visit the capital of Sweden – We recommend not to miss this most interesting event in the digital world.