June 18, 2024

Scientists have found out how blockchain will affect the Russian economy

Scientists have found out how blockchain will affect the Russian economy

Russian scientists from Tatarstan have identified basiccriteria for determining the demand for blockchain technology among domestic enterprises. A single measurement scale will become the basis for diagnosing risks and the impact of blockchain on economic development.

Mathematical model based on statisticsdemand for blockchain developments in Russia for 2015-2018. In 2017, the use of technology increased 10 times, and enterprises from the real sector of the economy, such as Gazprom and Lukoil, began to appear among consumers. In 2015-2016 the bulk of consumerswere financial organizations, including Vneshecombank, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank. 

Scientists have analyzed indicators:

  • The number of large companies that have implemented blockchain;
  • Number of publications by Russian researchers on the topic; 
  • The number of regulations in the field of digitalization of the Russian economy;
  • Dynamics of Google search results for the query “blockchain technology”.

Researchers note that the activity of companies depends on the cryptocurrency rate and emphasize that the legislation is still lagging behind development trends by at least six months.

The work does not consider one of the most importantindicators — demand for blockchain programmers. According to a KPMG study, most banks are now looking for specialists in big data analysis (Big Data), blockchain and DLT technologies. In addition, new training programs at universities in the direction of “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies”, the number of which is growing, remained unattended.

The cryptocurrency industry needs not only programmers, but also lawyers, so the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov announces admission to the 11th stream of the advanced training program “Blockchain for Lawyers”.

text: Ilya Bauer