June 14, 2024

Facebook continues to "lose" personal data

Facebook continues to "lose" personal data

Salary data for 29,000 current and former Facebook employees, which was stored on several harddrives were stolen last month from a company employee’s car.

According to the social network, stolen hard driveswere not encrypted and contained information about Facebook employees, including bank account numbers, the last four digits of social security numbers, compensation data, which included salaries, bonuses, and employee capital information. There was no information about Facebook users on the disks.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the company is already working with the police to investigate the theft. A spokeswoman emphasized that this incident cannot be classified as a user data leak:

This theft affects only current and former Facebook employees, and no user data has been stolen.

It is worth noting that the discs were stolen on November 17th. Three days later, Facebook discovered the loss, however, the management informed the affected employees only on December 13th.

The driver, who transported hard drives with personal information in his car, worked in Facebook's payroll department, and was not allowed to take the hard drives out of the office. 

To date, none of the hard drives has been found by law enforcement.