April 25, 2024

Thailand will use blockchain to issue tourist visas

One of the most popular countries among tourists, Thailand, plans toUse a blockchain systemElectronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) for issuing tourist visas.

Thai authorities helped design the systemAustralian travel agency ShareRing. Gateway Services will handle electronic visas for visitors to the country. Initially, citizens of India and China will be able to get visas, and in the future, the system will be available to more than 5 million tourists from 20 countries.

According to the CEO and co-founderShareRing Tim Bos, a new system will significantly accelerate the issuance of visas for tourists. Now this process is based on manual labor and paper work. Tourists must provide copies of their tickets, confirmation of hotel reservations and photos, and manual processing of all documents takes considerable time.

Bos noted that using traditionalelectronic systems for issuing visas, they will be susceptible to attacks by fraudsters, the risks of data loss and other problems associated with information technology. Blockchain, in turn, allows you to verify the authenticity of documents, as well as speed up and increase the quality of data processing.

ShareRing provided Gateway ServicesOneID’s proprietary identity technology, which includes digital signature detection. The technology collects all the data in one file, encrypts it and puts it on the blockchain, so that they remain unchanged.

“We see this cooperation as an opportunityexpand further. But this is not a matter in which to hurry, because you need to check everything before promoting our solution to the markets of other countries, ”said Bos.