February 8, 2023

Lamborghini will use blockchain for car authentication

Lamborghini will use blockchain for car authentication

Italian carmaker Lamborghini will use the Salesforce corporate blockchain platform to authenticate resell sports cars.

During the sale of luxury cars on the secondarymarket, they go through up to 1000 different checks, which are necessary to confirm the authenticity of all elements. A lot of dealerships, auction houses, repair shops, photographers and other specialists participate in this process, who check and document the quality and condition of each part.

Now Lamborghini will transfer interaction between all process participants in one distributed network. For this, the company will use the blockchain platform developed by Salesforce based on Hyperledger Sawtooth.

According to the automaker, innovativethe technology will make the operations of maintenance, restoration, change of ownership transparent, increase the level of trust in the brand and transform the market of vintage cars.

Recall that earlier the international service for the safe sale of used cars CarPrice transferred the internal loyalty program to the blockchain.