February 6, 2023

TerraCrypto forum was held in the capital of Kazakhstan

On November 14, Nur Sultan hosted the international forum TerraCrypto-2019, dedicated to cryptocurrencies and mining. In the forum attended by key mining playersindustries - owners of mining farms, largest mining pools, manufacturers and suppliers of computing equipment, investment funds, lawyers, traders and representatives of trading platforms. The number of visitors to the event at the Rixos Hotel in Nur Sultan exceeded 700 people from 14 countries.

The main topics were discussion of prospects.mining industries, the latest trends and changes in the computing power market, the upcoming halving on the Bitcoin network, as well as volatile legislation that forces miners to look for more profitable and friendly jurisdictions.

Batyrbek Umarov, president of the BlockhainKZ Blockchain Technology Developers and Users Association:

“We managed to hold a forum on the site of which representatives of the largest mining pools - ViaBTC, F2Pool, gathered BTCcom, the most famous manufacturers of mining equipment - Bitmain, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, AvalonMiner. These are truly people interested in the development of the industry, specialists in their field, who well understand the nuances of working in the mining market. Our Terra Crypto forum has become a platform for their dialogue. ”

Philip Modnov, CEO of the LAZM project, developing center for industrial mining of a full cycle and data center in the special economic zone of the PPT "Lipetsk":

“TerraCrypto Forum in Kazakhstan will be rememberedhighly professional, understanding the specifics of the mining industry audience. The competencies of the participants allowed a very productive and interesting discussion about possible scenarios for the development of the computing power market. Such events may not look large-scale in terms of the number of visitors, but for business they are most productive. So, we managed to sign several partnership agreements. ”

Erbolsyn Sarsenov, CEO of ENEGIXbuilding mining centers in Kazakhstan:

I note the high level of professionalism andunderstanding the mining market among the forum participants and this is a great merit of the organizers. For the development of the market, a dialogue is necessary between all its participants, and such events help to establish contacts and discuss possible areas of cooperation.

In addition to mining issues, the forum discussed such relevant topics for the cryptocurrency industry as revenue reinvestment, trading strategies, as well as the formation and balancing of an asset portfolio.

It is worth recalling that on December 7 in Moscowthis year's final Terra Crypto gala forum. The program announced speakers' speeches, panel discussions, summing up the results of the year and building further plans.

The program and registration are available on the official website of the forum

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