April 21, 2024

Blockchain Life 2019 forum held in Moscow

On October 16-17, the Expocenter hosted the fourth international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining -Blockchain Life 2019.The remarkable event was attended by more than 4,800 participants: leaders of well-known companies, entrepreneurs, investors and startups from 70 countries came together to discuss current trends and determine the development of the industry in the coming years. At the forum, hundreds of contracts were signed between various companies, investors and funds.


It is important that the assistant became the headliner of the forumPresident of Venezuela, director of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency department and one of the creators of El Petro, Joselit Ramirez, who, for the first time in the world, held the presentation of the first national cryptocurrency for the international community. Ramirez talked about how they created cryptocurrency, first of all, focusing on the needs of ordinary people and about the wide possibilities of its application: buying equipment, medicines, real estate and any other goods and services in Venezuela.

Networking of participants took place at the exhibitioncovering an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, where more than 100 industry companies were represented: leading world exchanges, manufacturers and suppliers of mining equipment, as well as innovative startups and services.

Sergey Khitrov from Listing.Help announced the creation of a new association, IDEO (International Digital Economy Organization), whose activities will be aimed at the development of digital technologies in Russia. In the coming years, the association will focus its efforts on the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and will also provide its proposals for regulating the industry.

Additionally, one of the largest world exchanges -Bitforex.com has announced several listing contracts with the most promising projects of this year. In turn, the Kucoin exchange announced the launch of bitcoin futures, and the technology company Bitmain introduced improved ASIC miners S17 + and T17 +.

Networking and the conclusion of agreements continued at the grandiose AfterParty in one of the Moscow clubs. A special guest of the evening was rapper Guf, who performed with a live concert.


The forum was organized by Listing.help, the world's leading listing agency on exchanges, and the international exchange BitForex.com acted as the general sponsor of the forum.

It is worth recalling that the next fifth anniversary forum of Blockchain Life-2020 will be held in Moscow on April 22-23.

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