January 27, 2023

TerraCrypto Moscow Digital Mining and Cryptocurrencies: Trends 2020

TerraCrypto Moscow Digital Mining and Cryptocurrencies: Trends 2020

On December 5, 2019, the final event of the crypto industry of this year will be held in Moscow - the V international forum on cryptocurrency digital mining.

In the morning at the Art Moscow Hotel Voikovskaya we willdiscuss the development of the mining market and problems that should be solved by joint efforts. To speak at TerraCrypto, Ryan Xu (ViaBTC Marketing Director), Fedor Egorov (Technical Director of Baikal Data Center LLC), Alexander Kalmykov (Head of Blockchain Technology Center, ITSK LLC, Gazpromneft PJSC), Alexey Trashcheev (Director, will fly to Moscow) Sintez group of companies) and other active market participants working with blockchain technology today.

Forum partners: ViaBTC, SUEX, AmirCapital, ENEGIX, Whatsminer, Leominig, BITMAIN, Binance.

Unlike previous TS forums - on the V forumTERRACRYPTO will be allocated an additional room to consider trading. We will discuss which strategies work, which robots can actually make a profit, and which ones can cause a loss.

There will also be a separate panel discussion withthe participation of representatives of major exchanges, but not only related to cryptocurrency, but also the traditional financial market. As a result of joint communication, we will try to identify promising algorithms and tools in the field of trading.

Nikita Vassev, co-organizer of the TerraCrypto forum:

The forum in Moscow on December 5th is already a good andIt’s a good tradition to get together the community and take stock of 2019: Where is the industry going? What will happen after halving? How to work in the market? Where can I earn now? We expect about 430 participants who appreciate the format of specialized events in the cryptocurrency industry.

Venue Terra Crypto - Hotel Art Moscow Voikovskaya (ul. Cosmonaut Volkov Street, 6A),? - Great for networking, sharing experience and discussing successful transactions.

Start time: 9:00

Business program end time: 19:00

The forum is organized by SixTouches Team (6TT). Since 2018, on the account of 6TT 19 implemented business events, forums and conferences in Russia and the CIS countries. The central office is located in Kazan.

Key issues of the forum:

What will happen to mining after halving? Will it be possible to earn home miners? What coins bring more profit to miners? We will discuss plans for 2020, halving, new blockchains, we will discuss new legal subtleties that will be introduced in 20 in different countries of the CIS and the world, we will talk about up-to-date equipment, about the appearance of large platforms with clear and transparent rules of the game, about creating a global Mining Map, about math mining after halving, and more.

More information is available on the TerraCrypto website.