January 31, 2023

Technologies that will send gas boilers to history

Technologies that will send gas boilers to history

Carbon dioxide (CO2) andincreasing the efficiency of heating systems leads to the fact that gas boilers in the near future will become irrelevant. How to heat houses without fossil fuels, read on.

Why are gas boilers harmful?

For several hundred years, humanity has been supplyingtransport and industry with fossil fuels: natural gas, oil and coal. These types of fuel have become an important tool of the industrial and technological revolution, but they cannot be used forever for two reasons. If the consequences If global warming is already felt, then a limited number of minerals at the moment are of little concern to the public.

Over ten years ago the governmentGreat Britain passed the Climate Change Act, which can be an example for many countries. The essence of the decree is that the level of carbon emissions in the UK should be reduced by at least 80% by 2050. To achieve this goal, ministers are allowed to take almost any measures, but the priority is the introduction of technologies that replace environmentally harmful fuels.

Technologies that will send gas boilers to history

A special committee has been set up to monitoraccomplishment of a task. There are already results - in 2017, the United Kingdom reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 43% compared to 1990, but progress has stalled and now requires drastic measures. For example, the ban on the installation of gas boilers since 2025, as well as the mandatory minimum energy efficiency requirement for any boiler at 92%.

Gas heating will become history

The UK national network provided data according to which 8 out of 10 houses in the country are connected to the gas network for heating. How to replace so many boilers?

The most likely solution seems to be the hydrogen network. Hydrogen (H2) does not produce emissions during combustion, generating only heat and water vapor. Hydrogen is an effective type of fuel, as it produces a large amount of energy - 1 kg of H2 gives the same amount of energy as 2.8 kg of gasoline.

Hybrid heating principle

Hybrid is a relatively simple installation,which includes a combined boiler connected to radiators or underfloor heating, as well as a heat pump with an air source, which is installed outside the house. The installation can be placed next to a separate hot water cylinder or solar thermal system.

Technologies that will send gas boilers to history

However, low-carbon devices cannot be considered the only possible way to achieve the goal, since it has its drawbacks.

Hydrogen network problems

H2 is considered dangerous because it is easyflammable. In addition, the process of creating hydrogen itself is accompanied by the release of CO2, which nullifies the very idea of ​​using hydrogen to combat harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to separate carbon in methane steam converters, which leads to additional costs.

Another major issue isthat it’s difficult for homeowners to explain the reasons for replacing boilers and even harder to get them to pay for the whole process. In order to increase the awareness of citizens, an “advertising campaign” is carried out in which the advantages of hydrogen plants are demonstrated.

Solar thermal installations

In plants of this kind, solar energyIt is not used to convert to electricity, but directly to heat water. As a result, the boiler runs less, which reduces heating costs.

Solar thermal panels (collectors)installed on the roof. Panels consist of tubes of liquid that absorb heat from the sun. Heated liquid enters the house, and heat is transferred to the hot water tank through a heat exchanger. After that, hot water passes inside the pipes, as in a conventional heating system. If the house already has an electric heating system or an immersion heater, solar photovoltaic panels will generate electricity for these systems.

Technologies that will send gas boilers to history

What do homeowners do

Unfortunately, there is no single solution forevery home. The technology that works best in a 5-room private house cannot be applied to the 2-bedroom terrace in the city center. It cannot be expected that owners of low-income houses will be able to install a hybrid boiler without financial support from the state, guided only by the idea of ​​a clean planet. Many unsolved problems hinder the implementation of new heating technologies, but this process has already been launched and in 5-6 years the UK will give an answer whether it is worth abandoning gas boilers.