February 5, 2023

Book Reviews | Not bad, but worse than before

Review of the book "Crypto-Wisdom" - Alexey Markov, Alexey Antonov (Download)

Not without interest read another book by Alexei Markov. It is true that it was already written in co-authorship, which clearly left its mark. In my opinion, it is rather negative than positive, when compared with other books by Alexei. In some places, it seems that the style that Alexey used in his past works in this book is trying to "pull" the initially different text.

Meanwhile, the book is really good and in certainmoments are very funny. At the same time, it is quite useful, especially for those who “just heard something” about cryptocurrencies, tokens, mining, and everything connected with it. The authors explain in sufficient detail the principle of operation of the blockchain, the architecture of the market, talk about the agents who appeared in this rather wild environment. In general, the book really acquaints the reader with the cryptotema and warns against a large number of possible bumps that piled up a huge number of people. At the same time, the book contains a lot of outdated data, which makes it not so attractive. But the basis, which is in the book, will certainly not lose its relevance for a long time.

I have already expressed more than one attitude to crypttime. And there is reason to repeat here. I sincerely believe that technology will find its application. But investing in cryptocurrency today, it is like investing in automobile companies at the beginning of the twentieth century. The chance to get rich is less than 0.5%, and lose everything - more than 70%. I do not make such investments.

I can’t give a MUST READ recommendation, but if you are a beginner or want to entertain yourself a bit in the evening, then ...