April 25, 2024

Study: 8% of Chinese students own cryptocurrencies

A survey conducted by the Chinese news agency PANews found that 8% of Chinese students possesscryptocurrencies and more than 25% would like to work in the blockchain industry after release.

Interestingly, about the same amountrespondents (23.6%) do not know anything about blockchain. About 8% currently own digital assets, while another 9% previously invested in cryptocurrencies, but stopped doing so due to the high volatility of assets.

It is reported that two-thirds of students surveyedThey know about Bitcoin, and 31.6% of respondents heard about Ethereum. At the same time, only 4.6% of respondents called their knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry “very good”. For the most part, students at Chinese colleges do not pay attention to media reports about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Researchers noted that students of economics, engineering and management departments know best about cryptocurrencies. Also, students in these areas have expressed the highest interest in the blockchain.

It was previously reported that among the top 50 universities in the world, more than half have already launched specialized courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.