April 23, 2024

SIX Stock Exchange Adds Tezos ETP Support

SIX Stock Exchange Adds Tezos ETP Support

SIX, one of Switzerland's largest stock exchanges, has launched the Tezos Asset (XTZ) ETP.

Ticker ETPis axtz. The product was made available through the collaboration of Amun AG and the Tezos Foundation. The ETP launch date is set for November 5th.

As with blockchains usingPoS algorithm, Tezos investors can receive passive income for maintaining the network. The Tezos “Baking” feature allows asset holders to delegate their coins in exchange for the possibility of staking and platform management.

Recall that in October of this year, Amunand cryptocurrency broker Bitcoin Suisse entered into an agreement through which they were able to issue ETP on Bitcoin and Ether on the SIX exchange. To date, Amun has released 9 ETP products on the SIX exchange, one of which is an XRP contract.

Recall that recently, Binance CEO Changpen Zhao announced the launch of a market-traded fund (ETP) for Binance Coin on the SIX exchange.

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