January 28, 2023

Coinbase Adds Staking Service

Coinbase Adds Staking Service

Coinbase is adding a staking service for users of its platform, and now Tezos asset holders (XTZ) will be receive rewards by storing coins in exchange wallets.

The official Coinbase blog states that users from the United States (with the exception of residents of Hawaii and New York) can now receive approximately 5% per annum for stealing Tezos cryptocurrencies.

The blog says that the user must store Tezos on exchange wallets for 35-40 days, after which a reward will begin to flow to his balance.

In addition, Tezos was added to the Coinbase Earn program, and now exchange customers will be able to get XTZ after watching several educational videos.

Recall that recently, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that since its launch, the exchange has earned $ 2 billion in commissions.

As previously reported, Binance recently added Qtum token support to its platform.

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