May 21, 2024

Satoshi Nakomoto's bitcoins are in motion, who translated 50 BTC?

Satoshi Nakomoto's bitcoins are in motion, who translated 50 BTC?

A transfer of 50 bitcoins that had been lying dormant since 2009 was made.The coins were received asblock rewards on February 9th, when the first cryptocurrency network was only a month old.

Mining at that time was carried out by 3-4 people. One of them was the creator of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakomoto's bitcoins are in motion, who translated 50 BTC?


At the current exchange rate, 50 bitcoins correspond to approximately 500 thousand dollars. If this bitcoin wallet really belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto, then several options are possible:

  • Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive (although according to some assumptions, he died many years ago);
  • The wallet does not belong to the creator of bitcoin;
  • Someone has taken possession of Satoshi's wallet legally (inheritance?) Or otherwise.

At that time, not many people were connected with cryptocurrency, among them Nick Szabo, Wei Dai and Hal Finney, who reportedly received the first bitcoin transaction.

The most interesting point is why this person, who is rightly considered a staunch scooter, decided to move part of his BTC.

Early miners claimed no involvement in the movement of bitcoins mined 11 years ago

Bitcoin transactions on Wednesday with coins mined in February 2009 are not related to Hal Finney's wallets, said his widow Fran.

"Very strange,– she said in a conversation with Cointelegraph.

These are not my husband’s coins; we are not connected with this at all. ”

Finney died of illness in 2014. He was one of the first Bitcoin (BTC) users and received the first transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. Some speculated that yesterday's movements might have been related to disposing of Finney's property.

“The discussion of bitcoin inheritance goes beyond purely scientific interest. My bitcoins are stored in a safe depository cell, and my son and daughter are technically advanced ”- said Finney, allowing the course to reach the millionth mark, shortly before his death.

Marty Malmi, one of the earliestBitcoin developers have also declared their non-involvement in these coins. He explained that he met with cryptocurrency in April 2009, that is, two months after their extraction.

CEO Metal Pay Marshall Heiner, another earlyBitcoin miner, reported that he joined Bitcoin in November 2019. However, he noted that he would not admit, even if these coins belonged to him.

“A real miner, most likely, neverrecognizes. He has a large sum and does not want to become a target. I can confirm that mine was in 2009, but I will never publicly talk about my crypto assets ”- added Heiner.

The creator of the Hashcash algorithm, which formed the basis of the Bitcoin consensus mechanism, Adam Back believes thatthese bitcoins do not belong to Nakamoto, as he would probably prefer to use later coins so as not to attract too much attention.


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