May 21, 2024

Bitcoins that may belong to Satoshi Nakamoto

A transfer of 50 bitcoins that had been lying dormant since 2009 was made.The coins were received asblock rewards on February 9th, when the first cryptocurrency network was only a month old.

As the Goldfoudinshit TM telegram channel notes, mining at that time was carried out by 3-4 people. One of them was the creator of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoins that may belong to Satoshi Nakamoto


Coins were received for block # 3654. Excluding block rewards, only 97 transactions took place on the bitcoin network at that time.

The transaction from the wallet was divided into two amounts - 40 BTC and 10 BTC. After that, activity continued and two transactions arrived at the address at the time of writing 0,0003 BTC.

A small part of the bitcoins from the smaller amount sent were then sent to the Coinbase crypto exchange and the CoinPayments payment platform, noted trader Thetf Seek.


Some experts, including the founderCoinMetrics Nick Carter doubted that coins are related to Satoshi. They noticed that the indicated block does not belong to the extracted Patoshi. This is the name of the mysterious early miner who extracted more than a million BTC, which in his study was indicated by Sergio Lerner, co-founder and chief researcher of RSK Labs. The community is confident that this miner is the creator of the first cryptocurrency.

&#171;Here is a visualization of the Patoshi pattern with the block just spent. The blocks that are believed to be mined by Satoshi have a certain pattern in the nonce that this one does not have.- Carter noted, referring to the Satoshi Blocks service created by Lerner.

CoinMetrics engineer Antoine Le Calves noted that such early coins came into motion for the first time since August 2017.

&#171;Early coins not mined by Satoshi wake up periodically, but not often&#187;,— Carter commented on his tweet.

Let us remind you that in March of this year, 1000 bitcoins, which had been dormant since 2010, were activated.