June 25, 2024

Users found a publication from 1999 that Satoshi Nakamoto could write

On September 19, 1999, an anonymous user published a post on the cypherpunk mailing list about electronicmoney. Some members of the community believe that Satoshi Nakamoto could write it, reports Cointelegraph.


It is not known whether Nakamoto was a membercipherpunk mailing list, but several representatives of the latter are mentioned in the whitepaper of bitcoin, including Dr. Adam Beck and Wei Day. Another prominent cipherpunk, Hal Finney, was one of the first Bitcoin users.


The anonymous author emphasized that electronic money transactions should be irreversible. He mentioned some kind of "blinding", probably referring to the blind signatures developed by David Chaum.

He also described a possible solution to the problem.double spending by creating a public database. The author stated that a stable payment system can be built on the basis of b-money offers and the HashCash algorithm. These technologies are also mentioned in the whitepaper of bitcoin.

Recall, the creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, believes that Nakamoto can be found using a stylometric code analysis of bitcoin.

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