June 25, 2024

Satoshi Nakamoto is back, Craig Wright denies everything

Satoshi Nakamoto is back, Craig Wright denies everything

50 Bitcoins believed to belong to the creator of the first cryptocurrency were moved betweenwallets. Interestingly, earlier in court, Craig Wright claimed that these bitcoins belonged to him. So he tried to convince the community that he was Satoshi.

The transaction occurred on May 20, it was divided into 2 parts – 40 BTC and 10 BTC. These bitcoins were mined on February 9, 2009 and have not been used for 11 years.

Satoshi Nakamoto is back, Craig Wright denies everything

Chainalysis representatives reported:

We are still studying the issue. Apparently, 40 BTC were sent to one of the first wallets, they are still not spent. 10 BTC were sent to the mixer.

Wright vs Satoshi


This address, which contained 50 bitcoins,was inactive until today. In court documents in Kleiman's case, whose next hearing is scheduled for July 6, Craig Wright said the assets belong to him. 

Billionaire and one of the main sponsors of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Air recently said that Wright did not move these bitcoins, and that these bitcoins do not belong to the creator of bitcoin. He wrote:

The transaction was carried out NOT SATOSHI. I just spoke with Satoshi. Wright confirmed that he did not translate.

Wright fell into his own trap.Previously, he argued in court that only he has access to the wallet, but he cannot touch the assets in this wallet. As it turns out, funds move freely. This means that the address does not belong to Wright, meaning he falsified court documents. 

If Eyre is right and Wright denies his involvement in the transaction, he could easily lose in court. Moreover, the judge has more than once expressed doubts about his testimony. 

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