December 2, 2023

Roskomnadzor has restricted access to cryptocurrency media

Roskomnadzor has restricted access to cryptocurrency media

Information has appeared online about several news items being included in the Roskomnadzor register of prohibited resources.portals about digital currencies. At the moment, two sites have already been blocked – Cointelegraph and Coinspot.

Coinspot is listed based on Augustcourt decision. The resource caused dissatisfaction of the judiciary with the advertising publication “How to open an online casino under the Zerocoin brand in five minutes”. It is a page with "illegal" information that is subject to blocking on the site, but providers must completely disable access to the resource.

Cointelegraph achieved blockingFederal Tax Service (FTS), based on its order two years ago. There is no information yet why the order issued at the end of 2017 only came into effect now.

According to insider information, October 15The department’s blacklist and an XML file for blocking were sent to Internet providers. The website, which offers services for connecting gaming systems, also appeared on the list. All resources are listed on the basis of article 15.1, which provides for blocking web resources for disseminating information prohibited in the Russian Federation. The list of such information includes pornographic images, methods for the manufacture of narcotics and explosive devices, the promotion of gambling on the Internet, etc.