February 1, 2023

Roskomnadzor again blocked several cryptocurrency media

Roskomnadzor once again blocked several cryptocurrency media, including Cointelegraph and Coinspot.

Blocking information (and not only) sites aboutblockchain and cryptocurrencies in Russia is already a fairly common phenomenon. In most cases, locks are considered illegal and canceled by a higher court. But for this, resource owners have to turn to the help of lawyers and get into lengthy proceedings. Moreover, foreign sites, as a rule, do not go to Russian courts.

Today, the Roskomnadzor registry was unexpectedlySeveral cryptocurrency sites have been added. Their exact number at the time of publication is unknown. However, two popular news sites were blocked - Cointelegraph and Russian-language Coinspot.

Interestingly, Cointelegraph came underthe ban is not by court order, but at the request of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) on the basis of order 2-6-20 / 2017-12-22-3-3-AI of 12.25.2017 - that is, almost two years later.

Coinspot has been blocked for more recentBy the decision of the Central District Court of Volgograd (case 2a-4546/2019 of 08.22.2019) at the suit of the prosecutor's office of the Danilovsky District of the Volgograd Region. In accordance with the document, the site should only be partially blocked, that is, only one article that tells about the ways to open an online casino on the blockchain. But most providers do not block the page, but the entire site.

In both cases, the basis for blockingserved as article 15.1 149-FZ of July 27, 2006, “On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information”. Based on this law, sites with information whose dissemination is prohibited in the Russian Federation are usually blocked.

Probably a list of blocked cryptocurrenciessites in the near future replenished. We will tell about measures that will be taken by the owners of the resources to unlock them, as information becomes available.