January 29, 2023

Testing Isolated Internet in the Murmansk Region

Testing Isolated Internet in the Murmansk Region

The sovereign Internet bill will come into force in a few weeks, but in certain regions of Russia have already begun large-scale testing of new locking methods. "Lucky" was the Murmansk region.

Sovereign Internet launched in the Murmansk region

As usual, blocking technologies began to be implementedsecret from people, but vigilant users quickly noticed this. One of them decided to look at Rutreker to enjoy free content, but he was disappointed: the resource turned out to be inaccessible, despite the use of the GoodbyeDPI program (software that allows you to bypass DPI locks).

The user noted that a month ago everythingworked great. At what point it stopped - it is not clear, but at the moment GoodbyeDPI is already powerless when using the Internet from Rostelecom. There were no official comments from operators and Roskomnadzor, but users already independently determined the most likely reasons.

Based on the logs of the GoodbyeDPI program,the user's ISP has switched to the complete blocking of forbidden links even inside the proxy, as a result of which it will not work around the restriction. Such an opportunity for the operator could appear after the introduction of EcoDPI from rdp.ru in the Murom region, due to which Rostelecom received a “full” DPI. Finally, the program recommends using a VPN or Tor browser to access the site.

It turns out that the Murom region has become somethinglike a testing ground for testing new blocking technologies provided by the sovereign Internet. Soon, such measures await us all, no matter in what region of Russia we are. Nevertheless, residents of the Murom region can still gain access to prohibited resources, but for this you need to select more flexible software. Whether this “loophole” will be removed at the stage of mass implementation is unlikely, but this possibility should not be completely ruled out.

Earlier we wrote that the sovereign Internet was turned on in the Urals. At this rate, they will cover all of Russia even before the law enters into force.