February 22, 2024

Regulatory uncertainty forced Bittrex to leave Venezuela and 30 other countries

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange announced the termination of services to residents of 31 countries, includingVenezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt and Iraq, as well as a number of other Asian and African countries.

According to a message on the Bittrex International website, the reason for this decision was regulatory uncertainty in these jurisdictions.

Bidding for users from these countries will be stopped at 19:00 UTC on October 29.

Earlier this week focused onUS users Bittrex platform announced the receipt of a license for money transfer operator in North Carolina. This will allow residents and state companies to use the US dollar for deposits and withdrawals.


Residents of several states, including New York, New Jersey and Nevada, are still unable to do so.

Earlier in October, it was reported that before the end of the month, Bittrex will launch the new Bittrex Global platform, headquartered in Liechtenstein.