May 25, 2022

Broker Nomura Holdings launched trading in bitcoin derivatives

The largest Japanese brokerage company Nomura Holdings launched trading in bitcoin derivatives due to the high demand for cryptocurrencies.


The company began to provide services forbuying and selling futures and options on bitcoin. Despite the bearish trend prevailing in the crypto market, the company made the first transaction with the trading organization Cumberland DRW on the North American platform of financial derivatives of the GroupME.

“Recently, there has been a significant increase in the level of volatility of the bitcoin exchange rate. When the situation stabilizes, the attractiveness of investing in a digital asset will increase.”

“Over time, the industry of virtual currencieswill grow up and become more regulated. This will lead to a decrease in the amplitude of fluctuations in the cost of cryptocurrencies, ”said Tim Albers, manager of Nomura Holdings.

In 2018, Nomura Holdings opened in Singapore"Digital office", which is engaged in the search for promising projects in the field of cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence technologies and digital commerce. Accordingly, the decision on the listing of bitcoin derivatives means that the employees of the department are confident in the high investment potential of derivative financial instruments on the mainstream.