May 24, 2022

Chinese broker to launch international cryptocurrency trading

Chinese online brokerage startup Futu Holdings plans to launch services for trading in cryptocurrency, international customers, from the second half of 2021.


Senior Vice President of Futu Pobin Li Xu (RobinLi Xu) announced this at the time of the company's report on the documents for the first quarter, where he indicated that the product would be approved for a customer in the United States of America.

Xu noted that the company is in processlicensing, but in this case, the details of the cryptocepics are not communicated. However, he realized that the company does not plan to develop cryptocurrency operations in the motherland of China, since they have made a positive attitude towards

The decision on the choice of cryptocurrency operators is connected with the fact that in the first three months of the year, 70% of new customers arrived in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“We are inspired by what we achieved in Singaporefor the given moment, and we are sure that Singapur and the wider market of South-Bohemian Asia provide ample opportunity for growth "

In the present time, Futu monitors the height, calculating at least 14 million users worldwide, adding 27Z 000 active customers for the last quarter.

During the first quarter, the company fixedrevenue in the amount of $ 28.3.6 million, which is 34.4% more than the same period last year. At this, the volume of trading per quarter amounted to $ 289 billion.

The startup already has a partner relationship with leading asset managers including Wells Fargo, Income Partners, Aberdeen Standard and BNY Mellon.