May 24, 2022

Laoc allowed 6 companies to mine and trade cryptocurrencies

The Laoc government allowed six firms to mine and trade in cryptocurrency, removing the three-year ban for these species activity, according to The Laotian Times.


Government of the country in South-Bocstochno AsiaAnnounced a cryptocurrency outside the law in 2018 and confirmed my position in August this year, however, it was already known that in the framework of the pilot

Indeed, six companies have received the green light for the production and sale of such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Time, Bank LaosThe Hapo-Democratic Republic and the state-owned corporation Electricite du Laos work with various ministries to develop rules for using the cruise. It is known that the Ministry of Technology and Communications play a leading role in this process.

It is expected that the results of the research and consultations will be discussed at the first meeting of the ministers on September 16 and 17.

Interestingly, in the last month, Bank Laoca avoided the use of irregular cryptics because they are not very useful.

It seems that the Asian countries and the state of the Latin America are paying more and more attention to the mining operators, in the meantime, the vast majority of the people expelled from China.

Before introduction of pressures cheap hydroelectric powerI helped China to become the world's largest cryptocurrency mining center and, mainly, bitcoin. Now Laoc is going to become the “Batapey of South-Bocstochny Asia”, having built hundreds of hydroelectric power plants on the Mekong river.

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