February 4, 2023

Monash University in Australia Launches Blockchain Research Lab

Monash University of Australia at Melbourne announced the opening of a blockchain research lab, aimed at the study of technology and its popularization in the country.

According to ZDNet, Joseph LiuLiu) has been appointed director of the Monash Blockchain Technology Center (MBTC) and will coordinate efforts to increase technology diffusion and blockchain awareness in the country.

Over the past two years at the universityMonash worked her own laboratory for the study of blockchain, but research was carried out only by the IT department of the university. The creation of a global blockchain center will allow other faculties to participate in the research and development process.

For example, Liu believes that trackingthe origin of food and the supply chain can undergo major changes thanks to the blockchain. Given that Australia is a major exporter of food products, blockchain can help track the quality of ingredients and final products for consumers in other countries.

Blockchain Research Labsgradually opening up at various universities around the world. In the spring, Citizens Reserve and Duke University announced that they would create a blockchain lab. In addition, in February, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China - Fudan - announced the launch of its own blockchain learning center.

Various universities continue to run courseson the blockchain. Recently, Zilliqa, together with the University of Oxford, launched a practical blockchain course for women, and the University of Malta launched a blockchain master program.