July 22, 2024

Zilliqa and Oxford University launch blockchain course for women

Singapore-based company Zilliqa together with the University of Oxford launches a practical course on the study ofblockchain for women. The program will be able to go to students enrolled in the university.

At the seminars, which will be held from October 31 to 21November, the basics and concept of the blockchain, technical components, industry research, as well as examples of the use of technology in real life will be discussed. The best students will be able to submit their own projects and receive funding in the amount of $ 5 million from Zilliqa.

“At the moment, they are working in the field of blockchainmostly men. Decentralization as a key principle of the blockchain is unthinkable without gender equality, ”said Saiba Kataruka, lead developer of marketing strategies at Zilliqa.

According to a study conducted by the companyQuartz in 2018, of the 378 international companies working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, only 8.5% were founded by women. Paula Fiddi, president of Oxford University's women’s community, believes that such training seminars will help diversify the gender composition of the blockchain industry.

Oxford University is not the only oneorganizes training courses on the blockchain. In October, the University of Malta introduced a master's program in distributed registry technology, and in May the University of Ireland launched a master's course in blockchain.