June 7, 2023

Australian government contractor gets trial for workplace mining

Australian Government Contractor Charged after Caught cryptocurrency mining in the workplace.

Federal Police Press Release TuesdayAustralia (AFP) said an IT contractor in the suburbs of Sydney Killar has modified government computer systems for cryptocurrency mining. It is reported that he managed to earn more than 9,000 Australian dollars ($ 6,184).

An unnamed employee will appear in court in twocharges - unauthorized alteration of data with the aim of disrupting the functions of the system and unauthorized alteration of data with limited access. Last year, AFP employees seized a laptop, phone, employee IDs, and data files during a raid on a contractor’s home.

Maximum Punishmentthe charges are 10 years and 2 years in prison, respectively. Chris Goldsmid, Acting Head of AFP and Operations Manager for Cybercrime, called the crime “very serious” and explained:

“Australian taxpayers trustgovernment officials to perform vital functions for our community with utmost honesty. Any alleged criminal behavior in which this trust is used for personal gain will be investigated, and those responsible will be held accountable. ”

This news adds to the series of cases whenemployees of various organizations have encountered problems due to cryptocurrency mining in the workplace. In 2017, a former U.S. Federal Reserve official was also fined $ 5,000 and sentenced to probation after he was caught mining bitcoin on a server owned by the U.S. Central Bank.

Last February, engineers at the Nuclear Centerin Sarov were detained for mining on a supercomputer. In November last year, directors of a Chinese school were expelled from the Communist Party for mining in the workplace. The school principal and his deputy installed 9 computers in the educational institution with a total value of $ 7,000 and using them extracted cryptocurrencies.