February 22, 2024

University of Malta Launches Blockchain Master Program

University of Malta Launches Master's Program in Blockchain and Distributed Registry Technology (DLT). The course aims to teach students the skills necessary for working in the industry.

According to the University of Malta website, the mainThe goal of the Master of Science in Blockchain and DLT Interdisciplinary Program is to provide bachelors of information and communications technology, business and law with an introduction to the various disciplines related to blockchain.

The course aims to provideprogrammers knowledge of the regulatory requirements that smart contracts must meet, while lawyers will gain an understanding of the “obligations set forth in smart contracts”.

It is reported that the program lasts 3The semester attracted 35 students who have already begun their studies. Explaining the reason for the university’s decision to introduce the DLT course, program coordinator Joshua Ellul said:

“We noticed a huge gap in communication betweentechnical specialists, lawyers and professionals in the field of business processes. They do not understand each other when it comes to blockchain. We believe that this course is ideal for masters and serves the interdisciplinary goals of various specialties. ”

In addition, the University of Malta in collaboration withThe Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has set up a fund of € 300,000 to enable more students to join the program.

According to a study published at the endsummer, 56% of the best universities in the world have already launched cryptocurrency courses. In June, one of Canada’s leading research universities, the University of British Columbia (UBC), launched a blockchain course for masters and graduate students.

In the summer it became known that MIPT will appearblockchain master program supported by IBM and Norilsk Nickel. The Ivy League University of Pennsylvania Wharton School has announced the launch of an online course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Dublin City University has also launched a master's blockchain training program. In addition, last fall, New York University began training in the cryptocurrency specialty.