December 1, 2022

Media: Bakkt head to take seat in US Senate

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler will replace Republican Senator Johnny Isaacson from Georgia, who will vacate the chair in end of year due to health problems.

The appointment may be announced at the nextweek, writes The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She will become the second woman in this position. It is still unknown who will lead the trading platform for supplying bitcoin futures.

According to the publication, the governor of Georgia expects that such a decision will attract more women to the party.

President Donald Trump has a different vision - he is promoting Congressman Doug Collins.

In 2014, Loffler refused to fight forseat in the Senate, because at that time the Intercontinental Exchange Corporation (ICE), which owns Bakkt, was acquiring the New York Stock Exchange. She partially oversaw this process.

Recall, the launch of Bakkt took place on September 23.

The historical maximum trading volume on the platform was updated on November 28.