January 22, 2021

Large underground mining farm found in Lipetsk

Large underground mining farm found in Lipetsk

Russian power engineers have found another unauthorized connection of mining equipment to state power grids.

Employees of Lipetskenergo, which is part of the structureRosseti, during the audit, revealed an underground mining farm of 115 pieces of equipment. Miners were illegally connected in the village of Nikolskoye, Usmansky District, which led to a sharp jump in electricity consumption. During the raid, it was possible to identify and seize the equipment, but its owner has not yet been identified.

According to preliminary estimates, the underground miner robbed Rossseti of 22.8 million rubles.

The company posted a notice on the officialwebsite and reminded citizens of the seriousness of the consequences of theft from the state. For the established fact of theft of electricity, an individual faces a fine of up to 30 thousand rubles, compensation for the entire amount of damage caused to the company and criminal liability in case of theft on an especially large scale.

The largest operator of electric networks in Russiadiscovered over 35 unauthorized mining farms in recent years. Underground mining continues to harass the company. For three years, Rosseti suffered more than 450 million rubles in losses from the extraction of cryptocurrency using stolen electricity.

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