February 21, 2024

In the wall of a Moscow restaurant discovered a secret mining farm

A secret mining farm was discovered behind a plasterboard wall in the basement of a Moscow restaurant.She worked there since 2017 without the knowledge of the owner of the establishment, writes 360tv.

System administrator and electrician who inFor many years they worked in a restaurant, agreed to secretly install equipment for cryptocurrency mining. As a result, the owner Armen Harutyunyan paid 200 thousand rubles a month for electricity.

«She worked almost until August 2019.This is actually confirmed by the data from the electricity meter and our accounting department. Before the inclusion of this farm, we paid 500 thousand a month, and after inclusion - 700.”

The police refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the miners four times, but the prosecutor's office sided with the restaurateur. Lawyers of the latter expect that those responsible will be punished.

One of the unlucky miners relates to the situation differently:

“I did not install anything. If you received information from the owner of the restaurant Harutyunyan, then with time you will realize that he is not quite an adequate person. He began to develop this topic very negatively and wants to bring someone to justice criminal. He filled up complaints with the prosecutor’s office, brought a bunch of lawyers and still no one found the composition of the criminal case. He is offended that they put him on a farm. ", - quotes him 360tv.

Recall that earlier in the media there was information that a large Bitcoin farm was launched at the bankrupt factory Dormash in Orel.