September 23, 2023

A mining farm was accidentally found in the wall of a Moscow restaurant

A mining farm was accidentally found in the wall of a Moscow restaurant

Moscow restaurant workers set up a mining farm in the basement behind a fake drywall the wall.

The owner of the establishment Armen Harutyunyan accused hisemployees in the illegal power supply of the restaurant for cryptocurrency mining. The restaurateur claims that a full-time electrician and IT specialist managed to inflict damage on several million rubles. While mining cryptocurrency, miners increased restaurant bills for electricity by 200 thousand rubles a month. The owner of the restaurant, in an interview with the 360 ​​channel, said:

We agreed among ourselves and decided to sell-buy bitcoins and implement it at the workplace.

The owner’s daughter accidentally found a mining farm when she was looking for the reason for the excessive consumption of electricity in the institution.

The restaurateur’s lawyer confirmed that the police had already seized mining equipment, and the prosecutor’s office ordered law enforcement officers to institute criminal proceedings.

However, the employees accused by him deny this fact and call Harutyunyan “not quite an adequate person.”

The IT specialist is sure that there can be no question of criminal liability and numerous complaints of the owner will remain without the reaction of law enforcement authorities.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, the Supreme Court of Russiarecognized bitcoin as a money laundering tool. Consequently, operations with digital currency are subject to the articles of the Criminal Code on the legalization of criminal proceeds. In this case, after proving guilt, the miners face a fine of up to one hundred and twenty thousand rubles.