February 1, 2023

At the checkpoints of the Moscow office of Severstal, a facial recognition system IVA CV was introduced

At the checkpoints of the Moscow office of Severstal, a facial recognition system IVA CV was introduced

PAO Severstal, one of the largest in the worldintegrated steel and mining companies, introduced the IVA CV automatic recognition system of the Russian developer IVA Cognitive. Now, company employees can enter the Moscow office without a pass.

The project, whose main objectives areimproving the security level of the building due to the accuracy of identification of visitors, as well as creating a comfortable environment for staff, is currently implemented in the Moscow office of the company: a system that analyzes faces of employees and visitors has been establishedin parallel with the classic access control and management system (ACS) based on the Bolid equipment previously installed at the checkpoint. In the future, the company is considering the possibility of scaling the project at the entrance of its industrial enterprises.

Installation of an automatic recognition systemof individuals allowed Severstal to solve a number of problems, namely: it increased the security and quality of access control to the office territory, reduced the time for passage and negated even the minimum queues, and also eliminated the problem of loss or forgery of passes.

Andrey Balyberdin, Deputy Administrative Director for Business Support, Severstal, noted:

"The use of systems based on artificialIntelligence allows not only to significantly increase the level of security, but also increases the level of comfort of the office environment for employees, providing them with maximum mobility - now you do not need to worry that you have forgotten your pass at home or in the workplace. Also, the system has prospects for further development and scaling due to the use of our company at the through-passage industrial enterprises.

According to Alexei Tsessarsky, generalThe Director of IVA Cognitive, for identification systems using anonymous biometric human parameters, is the future. The introduction of face recognition technology in enterprise access control and management systems is one of the innovations in the field of artificial intelligence that can be applied in Russian companies that place high demands on protection and security, such as Severstal PJSC. Due to its wide integration capabilities with most popular ACSs, an accurate and reliable IVA CV solution will be in demand both by manufacturing enterprises and large business centers.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: PAO Severstal