May 25, 2022

“Rosseti” suffer from illegal mining

Rosseti suffer from illegal mining

Underground mining caused damage to the company "Rosseti" in the amount of almost 450 million rubles.

Volume is illegal used electricity began to rise sharplyafter the bullish rally in 2017. In just three years, Rosseti calculated more than 450 million rubles in losses from cryptocurrency mining on stolen electricity.

During the heyday of the cryptocurrency market,35 unauthorized connections of mining farms to the company's electricity networks were detected. In all cases, the information was transferred to law enforcement authorities and criminal cases were instituted for causing material losses on a large scale.

Another week was revealedunauthorized connection of mining equipment. The head of the Russian Post branch in Mineralnye Vody increased the profitability of cryptocurrency mining for six months due to free electricity. Mining equipment located in a state institution and connected to its electric networks consumed electricity at the expense of the company for 30 thousand rubles. Criminal proceedings are open against the official.

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