December 5, 2022

KPMG: "Metaverse adoption will be driven by institutionalists, not retail consumers"

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KPMG: "Metaverse adoption will be driven by institutionalists, not retail consumers"

The Australian division of the consulting firm KPMG said that the metaverses have real potential to change many areas of life. At the same time, large companies will contribute to the adoption of technology.

KPMG Futures Partner James MabbottMabbott said that interest in the metaverse from the company's customers is constantly growing. Representatives of the consulting firm hold meetings and conclude deals for the placement of representative offices of various companies in the metaverses. This technology creates new and more effective ways for businesses and consumers to communicate.

“I think in the near future there will bereally interesting applications of the metaverse for business. I believe that it is institutional money that will contribute to the development of metaverses and attract users. We are looking for opportunities to create new business models and new assets based on the metaverses. They will fundamentally change the way services are delivered,” Mabbott said.

According to him, the metaverses may wellprovide new growth points for various companies and create new ways to generate profits. To develop this area, KPMG Furures Australia has even created a new position called "Head of Metaverse Futures".

Mabbot also noted that now the numberthere are not so many users of the metaverse, but there are “extremely interesting experiments” in this area, and the prospects for the industry are extremely favorable. The top manager of KPMG Futures emphasized that the company expects an explosive growth in the popularity of the metaverses.

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