January 29, 2023

Globant: Most of the developers are ready to accept the metaverse

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Globant: Most of the developers are ready to accept the metaverse

The Argentine company Globant conducted a study and found that against the backdrop of the rapid development of the metaverse market, the bulk of technical specialists are already ready to work in these virtual worlds.

Head of software developeroffice in Argentina posted a report titled "How the Metaverse is Overcoming Digital Limitations and Reinventing Our Place in the Physical World." The authors of the report say that among 73% of tech professionals surveyed, the metaverse is perceived as an accessible environment, but only 26% of respondents had experience with the metaverse.

Globant experts studied the opinions of 834 specialistsin the field of technologies from all over the world present in the company's database. Globant CTO Diego Tártara stated that there are challenges in integrating businesses into the metaverse:

“Being in the early stages of development,the metaverse challenges organizations to prepare their businesses for this new world. At the same time as they bring their business into this new reality, their users are learning to embrace the new era.”

The report states that the target market that the applications of the metaverse are aimed at spans all age groups. According to 75% of respondents, the industry is focused not only on young people.

The authors of the report highlight the importance of technologymetaverse for the future of remote work. 69% of those surveyed were optimistic about using the Metaverse for remote work. They believe that the metaverse plays a critical role in this line of business. Remote work has become a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic, respondents said, and many companies are now considering keeping it as part of their scheduling strategy.

At the beginning of the month, the South Korean Ministry of Science offered financial support
companies creating content for the metaverse through government subsidies to the industry.