May 25, 2022

Kazakhstan closes gray mining farms

Kazakhstan closes gray mining farms

The hunt for unlicensed mining farms continues in Kazakhstan. Another major mining center bitcoin law enforcement officers found in Shymkent.

360 ASIC units were installed in three containers. Now the equipment has been seized, law enforcement officers are investigating illegal business.

On Monday, the media reported another majorfind. 2,800 pieces of bitcoin mining equipment were disguised as the production of textile products. Businessmen paid for electricity at a reduced rate and paid bribes to local officials. Last week in Karaganda region, law enforcement officers closed a farm with $5.8 million worth of equipment.

The energy crisis pushed the authoritiesKazakhstan to tough measures against miners. A mobile group was created to identify "gray" miners throughout the country. In the last five days alone, 13 large crypto mining centers with a total illegal energy consumption of 202 MW have been discovered and disconnected from the power grid.

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