Jul 1, 2022

Chinese mining farms were not affected by coronavirus

Approximately 70% of all Bitcoin mining power is located in the regions of China, where most of the population prefers not to leave home amid the coronavirus epidemic.

However, mining farms continue to work in the usual mode, as reported by the representative of the cloud service for cryptocurrency mining Hash in the Box.

Last month, the media reportedaccording to which the largest mining farms are located in the provinces of Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan. As of today, only in Inner Mongolia there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus. In other regions, the virus has already shown itself. For example, in Sichuan 80 people fell ill.

Most cases of the disease have been reported in urban areas, while farms are located outside.

“In Sichuan, farms are far away in the mountains, where it is very safe,” said one of the miners who introduced himself as Mike. “All 80 cases have been reported in cities.”

The bitcoin hash confirms this information and fluctuates within its usual limits, and has recently returned to an absolute maximum.

“Cryptocurrency mining equipment is locatednext to Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, said one of the miners. - The outbreak is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Farms, as a rule, are not located near cities, because in remote areas there are surpluses of cheap electricity. ”

It’s hard to say what will happen ifthe virus will get to the above regions. In any case, even if the Chinese miners are forced to turn off the equipment, the Bitcoin complexity adjustment algorithm adapts the requirements for the remaining computing power. Of course, the overall level of network security will become significantly lower, which may affect the course, but this effect will be short-term.