Jul 1, 2022

Abkhazian miners were fined 408,000 rubles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia continues to conduct raids to identify illegal mining farms. For the first half of June found eight such objects, the department said.

In Sukhum, law enforcement officers turned off 17 pieces of equipment, in the Gudauta region - 128.

A large mining farm was discovered in the Gal district with 184 mayers. Law enforcers issued a fine of 408,000 rubles and disconnected the farm from the power grid.

In the Gagra district, 17 devices for the extraction of cryptocurrencies were found, the total power consumption of which was more than 28 kW.

In March, the Abkhaz authorities extended the mining ban until 2022. They also approved fines and criminal liability for illegal electricity consumption for cryptocurrency mining.